Friday, June 22, 2012

Note to all Feminists

You are not making my life better or freer.  We are already equal to men.  We can vote, drive a car, go to college, own property, get a divorce, kill an unborn baby, and have any career we want.  At this point, all you are doing is making my life more difficult.  Let me explain a few things to you.

There’s a reason women used to be considered the weaker sex - because we are the weaker sex!  When my husband and I were first married, he didn’t seem to realize that I can’t lift as much as he can.  If I asked him to carry a heavy object for me, he would usually say something like, "It's not that heavy.  You could have carried it."  This puzzled me.  I'm obviously smaller and weaker than he is, and no, I couldn't carry it.  That's why I asked for help.  It finally dawned on me what was going on.  He had always been taught that: A) A woman can do anything a man can do - only better!  B) Aside from the penis vs. breasts and vagina thing, there aren't really any differences between men and women.  C) The apparent differences between men and women are due to social programming from the Evil Patriarchy. 

I had to explain to my husband what ought to have been obvious - I am weaker than he is.  That is a biological fact that I can't change.  There will always be objects too heavy for me to lift and jars too difficult for me to open.  I will frequently need help with tasks that require greater strength than I possess.  Women who are joining the armed forces or becoming firefighters or police officers are getting in under lower standards than what is required of men.  This is because they also are weaker than men.  It isn't discrimination or evil patriarchiness to say this.  It's simply a fact of life.

Furthermore, “affordable childcare” is not a right. I don’t want to dump my children in daycare in order to work a job. I want to live in a normal, sane world where I can put my children’s welfare and happiness ahead of career ambitions and not be pitied or looked down on for it.

I have no desire to shatter glass ceilings.  I refuse to enter a male-dominated field while demanding they lower the standards for me, thereby leaving male coworkers to pick up the slack.  I will not attempt to shame or force a company into paying me as much as male coworkers for working fewer hours and taking more unplanned vacation days due to the necessity of taking care of sick children.  I also refuse to consider myself oppressed because of my lack of a high-powered career.  I willingly chose to have children.  I willingly chose to leave the workforce in order to take care of them myself.  In fact, because I was already married and planning to have children, I chose not to go after a career at all.  I chose to quit college and work office jobs to put my husband through school.  Now he supports us while I stay home with the kids.  These were all MY choices.  I am not a poor little victim - and you do not speak for me.

But the worst thing you have done is harm the children of our country in your pursuit of your feminist agenda.  You push for laws and policies that favor women, even if those same laws and policies harm the women's children.

Family courts are biased against men.  I once knew a woman who abandoned her husband and children.  They didn't even know where she was for a year.  Three or four years and another husband later, she went to court and got her kids from her first marriage back.  A few months after that, she was tired of dealing with them, so she gave them back to her ex-husband.  Those children were ripped from the only home they had ever known, taken several states away where they knew no one and were, on multiple occasions, physically abused by their mother's religious fanatic of a mother-in-law, then suddenly and without explanation dumped back on their father.   All this because family courts operate on the sexist, feminist assumption that "children belong with the mother".

Under feminism, divorce is incredibly easy to get, and profitable for women.  In most states, a woman who divorces her husband (and an overwhelming majority of divorces are initiated by women) can get half of all the couple's assets even if she brought nothing to the marriage, substantial alimony for years, and a hefty child support check that she is not required to spend on the children. 

The divorce rate has soared under this system.  A woman can kick her children's father out of the house while legally forcing him to continue to support her, no matter how this harms her children.  Children are less likely to succeed in life, more likely to be abused, more likely to abuse alcohol and drugs, and more likely to become criminals as adults when they are not raised in a stable, two-parent home.  It's shocking how many women are willing and even eager to expose their children to these risks, simply because they no longer feel in love with their husbands.

Even worse than the divorce scam are the domestic violence laws.  A woman can run into a door, then call the police accusing her husband of hitting her.  In most states, he will automatically be taken to jail and charged.  It can take a year or more to prove his innocence, during which time he will probably not be allowed to see his children.  They lose a year or two with their dad, and all because of their mother's legally protected vindictiveness.

You feminists don't represent me when you support laws, policies, and social attitudes that might in future be used against my son, and that at present are harming innocent men and children.  Today's men and boys weren't even alive when The Patriarchy (oh, horrors!) ran the show.  But it seems the Matriarchy you are bent on creating is determined to make these innocents pay for it, all because they were born with that hated Y chromosome.

Then you go on talk shows and pat yourselves on the back. Oh, you’ve done so much for women everywhere! We should be so grateful! Younger women don't recognize what you did for them!  What martyrs you all are!  Just shut up and die already. Exit the planet and leave the rest of us in peace.


  1. If you only marry a guy who earns more than you, is taller than you and better educated than you...
    what kind of a message are you sending to women?
    If behind every successful man is a woman,
    that must mean that the man was unsuccessful before the woman, right?
    Which means women should marry unsuccessful men so that they become successful.
    Is that happening?

    Otherwise, it's just another play for hypergamy.