Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hormones for CEO

Yahoo hired a pregnant woman as CEO last week (article here).  This is proof positive that their Board of Directors is off their collective rocker.  Did anyone on the board consider that their new CEO, Marissa Mayer, is going to give birth in three months?  After that, she will have the postpartum recovery period, and up to a year of hormonal craziness.  All this, on top of adjusting to her extremely demanding new job.

Why didn't anyone put the brakes on this very poor decision?  Were they really so eager to be seen as the politically correct heroes who hired a pregnant woman for the CEO position that they are willing to risk the health of the company?  For their employees' and shareholders' sakes, I hope they have in place some procedure for working around her after she's had the baby and is an insanely hormonal bitch.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

How a Woman Can Rev Up Her Sex Drive

Here are some good ways to keep female desire high:

1. Read romance novels with steamy sex scenes.

2. Look at erotic art or a sexually-themed blog (http://theracerx.wordpress.com/ is all about sex, and includes erotic art).

3. Run erotic fantasies through your mind when you are away from your husband and have a few minutes to do so.

4. Buy lingerie for use during sex - and wear it!  It can be impractical and scratchy; it just needs to look good and make you feel like a sex kitten.  You won't have it on long anyway.

5. Buy lingerie that is comfortable enough to wear to bed.  I personally like the slips sold at Victoria's Secret.  Wear one of these even when you are not trying to get laid.  The idea is to feel sexier in general.

6. If your husband is not available for sex when you feel horny, take care of yourself.  If your desire is ignored, it will lessen.  You have to feed your sex drive for it grow.

7. Most importantly, never say no when your husband wants sex.  (Unless you are ill or absolutely exhausted.)  All those wonderful chemicals that happen in your brain during sex bond you to your husband and make you want to have sex with him more.

In short, think sexy thoughts, look at sexy stuff, and have lots of sexy time.  Sounds simple to me.  And quite enjoyable too!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Stupid Heroines in Romance Novels

Recently, I read yet another romance novel with a "strong" heroine who interjects herself into dangerous situations, in spite of her husband's explicit orders not to do so, because she decides he needs her help.  Of course, he has to rescue her in the end, but only after she has solved the original problem for him.  He ends up realizing her true worth and giving her his respect and admiration.  Yeah, right.  For most of the book, I kept thinking, "She needs a spanking.  Stop with the empty threats to pack her off to the country.  Man up and spank her already!"

For those who don't like the term "man up", how many times have you seen a spoiled brat of a woman who clearly could have done with a spanking and would have enjoyed being the one to give it to her?  The story was set in the 19th century.  The man would not have gone to jail for it.  It was a failure on his part not to rein in his wife after her propensity for stupidity and putting herself in the middle of violent encounters became apparent.  Telling him to man up would be appropriate here.

But then, the book was written by a woman who clearly has been influenced by feminist idiocy.  There's no other way to explain why she thinks a woman can face a man twice her size in a fight with any hope of winning.  Even she ought to be able to see though that a spanking or two would have improved both the book and the heroine.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Definition of a Good Girl

A good girl saves herself for the man who is willing to commit to her.  She doesn't sleep around while waiting for him to arrive.  She doesn't have oral or anal sex while technically remaining a virgin based solely on the fact that she still has an intact hymen.

After she is married, a good girl has sex with her husband willingly and often.  She tries new things in the bedroom (or the living room, the kitchen, the shower, the car, the backyard under the stars, etc.).  She makes every reasonable effort to please her husband in bed, to fulfill his desires and keep him satisfied.  In turn, if she has married a kind, generous man, he will reward her by making sure her sexual needs are met as well.

A married good girl won't withhold herself from her husband.  She proves her chasteness by remaining faithful to her spouse, by absolutely never having an affair, no matter what or who the enticement may be.  She doesn't prove it by refusing marital sex.

A woman who is cold to her husband in bed isn't a good girl; she's a bad wife.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Husbands for Housework

Dalrock has a new post (Does housework make husbands happy?) about an absurd, feminist "study" supposedly proving that doing housework makes for a blissfully happy husband.  I'd agree with that if the "study" showed that the wife taking care of household chores makes a husband more likely to be happy or content with life, but the "study's" authors are asserting that men are happier when they are the ones doing housework.  And they're saying this with a straight face.  Honestly, who really believes that men love cleaning bathrooms and doing laundry?

Almost as laughable is the fact that the "study's" authors are disappointed at "the survival of 'male breadwinner' ideals".  The reason that ideal has survived is because it makes sense from a biological perspective.  The woman is the one who gets pregnant and has children, which means time off work.  Also, pregnancy is a very vulnerable time for a woman.  I personally had complicated pregnancies with months of bed rest.  If I had been the main source of income, our family would have gone under.  We survived because my husband was gainfully employed.

In addition, some women want to stay home and raise their own children, instead of hiring someone else to do it for them.  Some couples arrange their work schedules so both can work and take care of the children.  My husband and I have chosen not to do that.  After working all day/week, he ought to be able to relax a little, instead of coming home to do full-time childcare while I go off to work.  It's less stressful for both of us if we don't juggle two work schedules and split childcare and housework.

Naturally, this only works if the husband makes enough to support the family without a second paycheck.  The wife can help with this by spending within his means.  She can cook at home, which is cheaper and more nutritious than eating out.  Clothing for the family can purchased at discount stores (TJ Maxx is my favorite) and on clearance racks.  She should make certain any out-of-the-ordinary expenses won't strain the budget.  Above all, she shouldn't insist on home renovations, a new car, or an expensive house that her husband can't afford.

No matter what this clearly biased "study" has to say, in this household, the male breadwinner is not made happy by doing housework.  He's much happier to have a wife to do it.  Based on the state of many bachelors' residences, I'd guess he's not the only man who hates housework.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Victoria's Secret Sizing

A few days ago, I went to Victoria's Secret to buy a couple slips to wear to bed.  My trip was successful - I found two pretty, very feminine slips that are much more comfortable than pajamas, and sexier too.  The nicest one was on the clearance rack, and was the last one of that particular style, color, and fabric in the store.  Unfortunately (or so I thought initially), it was an extra-small size.  It was beautiful, and my husband loved it, so I decided to try it on and see if a miracle would occur.  Surprisingly enough, it fit perfectly!

This leaves me with the question: How on earth did an extra-small piece of lingerie fit on my body?  Have I shrunk?  Not likely, after having two children.  While I am still thin, my husband's hands no longer span my waist.  (For anyone who is wondering, I am very proud that his average-sized hands used to be able to circle my waist with fingers and thumbs touching on each side.  That's something I'll tell my grandchildren.)

No, the difference isn't with my body shape.  The most likely explanation is that Victoria's Secret has tinkered with the sizes to make fat women feel better.  The chubsters are more likely to shop there if it gives them the irrational delusion that they're beautiful sex kittens.  The store hasn't sunk low enough yet to offer size 16 lingerie, but they may be headed in that direction.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

My Apologies for Disregarding Facebook Protocol

When I had a flu-like virus recently, I neglected to perform the proper Facebook procedure for illness.  I humbly beg forgiveness for my failure to post hourly updates on my condition.  I know all my friends wanted to be kept informed as to what degree my fever was, as well as the color of my snot, but I really was too ill to make these important status updates.  Please pardon my shocking dereliction of duty.  I swear I'll do better in future.

This regrettable lapse on my part has reminded me of other, nearly as heinous, Facebook sins I have committed.  I have not conspicuously displayed my love for my husband by means of frequent "Love ya, babe!" comments and pictures tagged "The Love of My Life!"  I've also overlooked my duty to post daily pictures of my children doing super-duper, awesome, amazing feats like sleeping or eating.  I promise to rectify this glaring omission immediately.  I will even go the extra mile, as some of my friends have done, and regularly post pictures of me with my children running mundane errands, and title them, "With my sweeties!" or "Out and about with my little buddies!"

Most importantly of all, I have not publicly praised My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and posted somewhat stilted prayers that attempt to sound eloquent and flowery.  If I deny him before men, he will deny me before his father in heaven.  Therefore, all good Christians should stand on the Facebook corner and pray publicly, to be seen of men.  This is also something I shall correct.  I will post daily prayers.  On Sundays, I will also post a blow-by-blow account of the morning church service, with an inspirational scripture.  I will witness to my unbelieving friends on their walls.  When any of my friends make a statement or post a link on their own walls that is not correct according to my beliefs, I will immediately reply with The Truth, tell them they are going to hell, then defriend and block them.  I will stand up for Jesus against the forces of Satan on Facebook!

Again, I plead for your forgiveness of my transgressions.  From here on out, I promise to abide by all Facebook rules regarding the posting of trivial details of my life.