Monday, July 2, 2012

Victoria's Secret Sizing

A few days ago, I went to Victoria's Secret to buy a couple slips to wear to bed.  My trip was successful - I found two pretty, very feminine slips that are much more comfortable than pajamas, and sexier too.  The nicest one was on the clearance rack, and was the last one of that particular style, color, and fabric in the store.  Unfortunately (or so I thought initially), it was an extra-small size.  It was beautiful, and my husband loved it, so I decided to try it on and see if a miracle would occur.  Surprisingly enough, it fit perfectly!

This leaves me with the question: How on earth did an extra-small piece of lingerie fit on my body?  Have I shrunk?  Not likely, after having two children.  While I am still thin, my husband's hands no longer span my waist.  (For anyone who is wondering, I am very proud that his average-sized hands used to be able to circle my waist with fingers and thumbs touching on each side.  That's something I'll tell my grandchildren.)

No, the difference isn't with my body shape.  The most likely explanation is that Victoria's Secret has tinkered with the sizes to make fat women feel better.  The chubsters are more likely to shop there if it gives them the irrational delusion that they're beautiful sex kittens.  The store hasn't sunk low enough yet to offer size 16 lingerie, but they may be headed in that direction.


  1. Lorna Jane Activewear does the same thing. The sizes are marked to fool the woman she is smaller than what she actually is.

  2. Bra manufacturers took it the opposite way quite a few years ago. The DD guys go nuts over? She would have been a scant D-cup back in the 50's. Out of curiosity, I once tried on an old-lady-style bra from a line that hadn't updated the sizing. I had to go one cup size smaller. It was actually still slightly large, but the next size down was too small.

  3. Giving customers what they want, when what they want is lies, is profitable indeed.