Saturday, July 7, 2012

Husbands for Housework

Dalrock has a new post (Does housework make husbands happy?) about an absurd, feminist "study" supposedly proving that doing housework makes for a blissfully happy husband.  I'd agree with that if the "study" showed that the wife taking care of household chores makes a husband more likely to be happy or content with life, but the "study's" authors are asserting that men are happier when they are the ones doing housework.  And they're saying this with a straight face.  Honestly, who really believes that men love cleaning bathrooms and doing laundry?

Almost as laughable is the fact that the "study's" authors are disappointed at "the survival of 'male breadwinner' ideals".  The reason that ideal has survived is because it makes sense from a biological perspective.  The woman is the one who gets pregnant and has children, which means time off work.  Also, pregnancy is a very vulnerable time for a woman.  I personally had complicated pregnancies with months of bed rest.  If I had been the main source of income, our family would have gone under.  We survived because my husband was gainfully employed.

In addition, some women want to stay home and raise their own children, instead of hiring someone else to do it for them.  Some couples arrange their work schedules so both can work and take care of the children.  My husband and I have chosen not to do that.  After working all day/week, he ought to be able to relax a little, instead of coming home to do full-time childcare while I go off to work.  It's less stressful for both of us if we don't juggle two work schedules and split childcare and housework.

Naturally, this only works if the husband makes enough to support the family without a second paycheck.  The wife can help with this by spending within his means.  She can cook at home, which is cheaper and more nutritious than eating out.  Clothing for the family can purchased at discount stores (TJ Maxx is my favorite) and on clearance racks.  She should make certain any out-of-the-ordinary expenses won't strain the budget.  Above all, she shouldn't insist on home renovations, a new car, or an expensive house that her husband can't afford.

No matter what this clearly biased "study" has to say, in this household, the male breadwinner is not made happy by doing housework.  He's much happier to have a wife to do it.  Based on the state of many bachelors' residences, I'd guess he's not the only man who hates housework.

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