Friday, August 17, 2012

Blatant Sexism - But There Won't Be a Lawsuit

Virgin Australia and Qantas asked two men to  switch seats with women so the evil men wouldn't molest, kill, eat, or otherwise harm the unaccompanied children seated next to them.  Apparently, the airlines were unaware of any cases of women ever harming children in any way.

Of course, there probably won't be lawsuits over these instances of egregious discrimination.  If a male airline employee smiled at a woman and said, "Hi, thank you for travelling with us!  By the way, that's a really great hairdo", some parasitic lawyer would immediately jump on the case.  Sexism!  The traumatized victim needs millions of dollars!  Men are generally expected to "just get over it".

I hope these men do sue.  Maybe they can make it a class-action lawsuit (if such things exist in Australia) on behalf of all men who have flown on these two airlines and been asked to switch seats since this discriminatory policy was introduced.

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